24 April, 2012

Shingles, Pink Eye, Libido & Cayenne

So I have shingles.  At least I think I do.  I am as diagnosed as I can get for a few more days, as I am in transition to hubby's insurance policy and am too stubborn to pay out of pocket for a doctor to look at me.  I send a photo to my sister, who is an RN, if that's any consolation to those who think I'm nuts for not seeking care.  Truth is, according to my best research on Google, there's not really a whole lot they can do for you in terms of treatment.  There are prescriptions, of course, but several places I found comments that they did not help or exacerbated the symptoms.  So yes, I'm pretty uncomfortable at times, and no, I'm not contagious to you, and no, I have no idea how I picked up shingles.  But I think I have them, and along with them, a new compassion for those elderly folks who suffer from them.

I took baby girl to the Dr for the first time in ages to check out a rash on her cute little hiney.  She had been uncomfortable at times in her diaper, and Mom and I both agreed it wasn't diaper rash.  We waited for 45 minutes (seriously!?) in the waiting room, and she did so good, looking at her books (boos) and waving bye to other patients.  I felt a little silly though, because the first thing the doctor noticed was a raging case of pink eye.  Oops.  I knew her eyes looked funny.  I swear sometimes I'm unqualified to mother.  They recommended antibiotics for her little hiney, which I requested in topical form.  $69 for three prescriptions...oh, and the blue Toostie Pop (I turned my back for a moment) and the pack of Fig Newtons (bribery to sit patiently at the pharmacy).  Sigh  that was a long evening.  I'm just really thankful for good medical care when I need it for my babies.

In other news, welcome back, Libido.  I post this only in solidarity for those women in my life whose enthusiastic partnership bedside has been affected by birth control hormone imbalances.  After baby boy came a few months ago, we opted to try something different: an IUD called Paragard.   It relies on copper as the active contraceptive, instead of hormones.  I really really wish I had been more open-minded about alternatives sooner in my life.  I just took the pill because all society seemed to be in agreement.  I have had an outstanding experience with it, and along with it, stabilized appetite and cycles, and other benefits.  'Nuf said.

I made the Fauxlafel and the Sweet Potato fries tonight.  Both had potential that was ruined by too much cayenne.  I have done this before--someday I'll learn.  So A had bits of hot healthy food, and one healthy-sized shortbread cookie for dinner.  Lucky girl.

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