i write here publicly because i have no problem with exposing my flaws to you.  i am not ashamed of me, how i think, who i am, and the weaknesses in me, just as i am not ashamed of my strengths.

i will not hide from you.

in that transparency though, please do not read what is written here and judge it.  do not send me personal messages and correct me, or ask me for apologies or corrections.

i have none to offer you.

we are all on a journey.  we are all growing, learning, changing, becoming.  we are all flawed, even in our best efforts.  i am chief among them.  so i will, most definitely, write things here that offend, that are wrong, that haven't been perfected yet by my Father or hubby, and that might hurt you.  these are unintentional because i don't know yet what i don't know yet.

but neither do i want to answer to you for them.

remember that unrequested advice always stings like criticism.  i submit myself to my Father transparently. constantly.  i promise you can trust Him to continually adjust me, correct me, love me, fix me--or to send someone from his posse to do so.  He loves me more than you ever could.  there are people in this world who know they can approach me with correction--that i welcome them because i have relationship with them.  i know their hearts.  so when they counsel me, it doesn't wound me in the process.

i don't want to hide any more from the desire to remain transparent.  so perhaps we can come to a truce:  i will be transparent, and you will love me enough to let me be.