02 April, 2012

Kitchen Makeover: the Heart of my Home

Ok, this is going to be a quick post because my husband just got back from a three-day trip and I want to hang out with him instead of you beautiful people.  So here's what I did while Nick was gone...well, OK, that's a quarter truth...here's half what Mom and I did while Nick, Wes, and Dad were gone.  We painted the dining room too.  But that project is still underway.  So here's what we have so far...

In hindsight, it's bizarre that I didn't start with the kitchen in terms of painting this house since we moved in a year ago.  My kitchen is the heart of things around here.  Guess I just had to wait for inspiration to strike.


It's super warm, but modern because of the mint blue shelving, square light shade, and modular floral valance. 

Whaddya think? :)

And, of course, a shot of the kids while the project progressed...here's two for you.
1st, Aly's white sweater, featuring a swipe of bright burnished paint...

And Aly with Daxman...this pose is courtesy of Aunt Steph, who had no idea how difficult it would be to pry my son from his sister's possessive hug.

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