05 April, 2012

Dining Room...well, at least 85% of it.

Ok, so the key difference between me and those folks who show their homes in interior decor magazines is that they hide their real life from folks.  I don't.  So I have zero motivation to put away the kids toys and the wetmop (but if you notice the shiny floor, I did atleast mop up Aly's breakfast oatmeal before I photographed.  Haha).  Plus, this project is probably not truly done yet.  I'm not completely happy with the shelf decor yet, and I'm hoping to find some West Elm-style drapes on clearance that I like at some point (and that's your fault, Laura).  But since I do this slowly, as the right things present themselves, it might be another six months until this project reaches its cinematic zenith.  Therefore, observe--a project 85% done, but complete enough that I'll share it with you. :)

The before-and-after:
The room has not been touched since we moved in over a year ago. 

The wall color is Sherwin Williams' Ancient Marble (SW6162) in eg-shel and semigloss.  Notice that I painted the top and bottom moulding the same color as the wall.  The window frames and door trim are white.
Light fixture was $99 at Lowes.  I was allergic to the original light fixture from the moment we signed the bank paperwork, but for me, these projects are all about timing.  I could have slid my credit card for a new light, or I could wait until I squirreled away the cash.  I chose Option B, and it's always more satisfying.

I bought these sconces at a thrift store back in April of last year for about $5.  They aren't legit--they're originally just thick tacky gold-toned plastic.  I thought they were mismatched but I noticed that the candelabra part is the same, so now I don't know.  I spraypainted them with Krylon's Looking-Glass spray paint (I scoured the entire town until I finally found it at Hobby Lobby.  Kudos to Pinterest for making me want it so badly).  But I l.o.v.e.d how they turned out!

The shelf was original with the house.  I had to pry it off the wall (a previous owner painted it to the plaster wall and removing it created a crater that required spackling.  The fiend.)   But I scuffed it with sandpaper and I'm playing with some decor.  I already know this isn't how I'll finish it but here's where I am at the moment...

And the window frame, $5.  I found it at a junk shop on Main St during ChamberFest last year.  I was lugging the stroller, my one-year-old, and a 7-month pregnancy around town, so I paid the man to hold it for me til I could come back.  Which didn't happen until my fetus was 2 months old.  Thank God the guy had character enough to hold it that long!

And the H...$5 at Hobby Lobby.  Two years ago.  I originally planned to spraypaint it a less gaudy color, but when I looked at it against this room, I decided to let it alone. I like the juxtaposition.

I'm loving it so far!

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A Journey of a Thousand Miles... said...

Oh, Diane, I love it! You are so talented!