05 July, 2011

Today I learned...

Today I found out...

  • that when you dice jalepeno peppers, the oil makes rubbing your eye a bad idea.  I'm posting this just to postpone taking out my contacts.
  • that I'm having a son
  • that I'm more intimidated by the idea of parenting a son than I knew I was
  • that having people over just for a game night with munchies is a great casual evening
  • that my mom kept things from my childhood that I didn't know she treasured, like a box full of cards she received when I was born, and the JCPenney's catalog from 1982.
  • that maternity fashions in 1982 were not extraordinary, but they were cheap--a dress for $15?
  • that I am by FAR more tired in my second trimester than in my first.  that said, I also have trouble falling asleep.  Tonight I'll plug my earphones into a Netflixed episode of Cosby Show until I konk out.
  • that a three-day weekend makes me dread returning to my normal schedule.  which makes me think hard about my current choices.
  • that praying with my husband on a regular basis is the best advent in our marriage.  there was a time when that would have been immensely awkward.  now we both look forward to it and crave it.
  • that procrastinating going to bed is always stupid.
Nite all.

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